Advocacy agencies and professional information providers

In Sweden there are two organisations that work consistently on information and advocacy for circus and street arts in order to develop state, regional and city policies that affect the conditions for artists and companies working professionally in the field. There is also a Baltic-Nordic network with similar goals on a Baltic-Nordic level.

Manegen – Federation For Circus, Variety And Street Performance

Manegen is the Swedish national federation for circus, variety and street performance, and a national member organisation for professionals within the sector. Their mission is to exist as a forum for information and support for the circus, variety and street performance community within Sweden. Manegen offers daily circus training for professionals in Stockholm and Malmö, funded by the Swedish Arts Council. The federation works to create better working conditions and possibilities for their members, and to give them a stronger place in the cultural sphere and market. Manegen also organises capacity building in different forms for professional artists. It was founded in 2009 as an initiative of several organisations, artists and producers, in a process that was financially supported by the municipality of Botkyrka, Subtopia and the Swedish Arts Council.

Viktoria Dalborg

— Artist and Director, Kompani Giraff

In terms of audience and market development - what are the most important challenges for circus / street arts in your country?
"One challenge is that circus competes with other art forms with more economic resources, when it comes to marketing, producing, selling shows to the venues. Programmers should take risks and realise that by booking circus they can build new audiences. An important step for the art form’s development is to get a greater diversity of circus companies in the market. More companies must have fnancial support so that we can develop and establish ourselves artistically."


Cirkusakademien was founded in 1973 with the aim of preserving circus as a recognised art form in Sweden, and spreading knowledge about and promoting the circus arts. Cirkusakademien has mainly worked for and represented traditional circuses. They work with local and state authorities on issues like changing regulations to facilitate touring with tents and arguing for the importance of securing the existence of touring traditional circuses. Since 1975 they have built up one of the biggest archives in Europe on traditional circus, containing books, pictures and props from famous acts and artists. Six times a year Cirkusakademien publishes a magazine.