Case studies of three successful audience and market development projects

La Central del Circ

La Central del Circ is a creative space that makes resources available for the training, practice and continued education of circus professionals. It was created in 2008 with the mission of supporting the circus arts and accompanying artistic projects in the areas of creation, management, production and dissemination; encouraging the development of circus arts and its creators; and generating synergy with other arts and promoting interrelationships through local, national and international networks. In its eight years of existence, it has become a point of reference for the sector, on both the local and international levels, being one of the few spaces in Europe with appropriate conditions for almost all circus disciplines.

The Central del Circ works in tandem with many organisations at the local and international level to enable the mobility of the artist and the exchange of experiences between professionals in different contexts. This has enabled the centre to become a privileged intermediary between Catalan and Spanish circus and other European institutions.

Support for Creation Programme

The Support for Creation Programme appeared in 2011 as a response to a shared need: among the creators, it was a need for venues where they could produce street arts in comfort; for FiraTàrrega, it was to support those companies committed to creation within public venues; and for the people of Tàrrega, it was to participate actively in the creative processes of their town’s festival.

The project is based on three conceptual pillars: laboratories for creation, creative residences, and transnational productions. The laboratories are dedicated to the most restless artists; the residences are for established companies who want to move out of their comfort zone and attempt the street; and the international productions are designed to generate meetings between Catalan and foreign creators. Over fve editions, the programme has hosted a varied collection of artistic profiles, and has adapted to the specific circumstances and needs of each project.

The open rehearsals which are the endpoint of most residences have become a creative pitch for the media, programmers and institutions, and are a parallel activity for the town’s cultural programme during the spring and summer.

La Fura dels Baus

La Fura dels Baus is one of the most dynamic and prolifc Catalan companies. It was founded in 1979 by Marcel·lí Antúnez, Carles Padrissa and Pere Tantinyà, joined shortly after by Pep Gatell, Jordi Arús, Àlex Ollé, Jürgen Müller, Hansel Cereza and Miki Espuma. Many of them are still working as artistic directors.

The company arose from the street theatre world, with shows created collectively. Their first shows, in the 1980s – pieces like Accions (1984), Suz o Suz (1985) and Tiermon (1988) – were characterised by a new, post-industrial aesthetic with elements of rock, performance and neo-circus. This became known as the ‘Furan language’, a term that has been used since then to describe their work.

Evolving with the times, in the 1990s the company moved into the fields of written drama, digital theatre, contemporary theatre and opera. Their music was updated and the references became more literary: Noun (1990), Manes (1995), and Faust 3.0 (1998). Simultaneously, they began a new line of creation covering corporate events.

Nowadays, the company has become a large organisation that works simultaneously on performing arts projects, opera, cinema, music and large events all around the world.