Pasi Nousiainen

Founding Member, Circus Ruska
interviewed 27 August 2016 in Helsinki —

Circus Ruska started when a group of friends, all circus artists, found that they didn't have a place to show their work in Tampere — and found as well that, in spite of the presence of a major circus school, Sorin Sirkus, the people of Tampere didn't know so much about contemporary circus. And even though it's still a struggle to build a circus-savvy audience, progress has been made. One particularly fruitful connection has been to partner with Tampere Theatre Festival to offer a cross-programme show each year (in 2016, for instance, Super Sunday) — which they find tends to sell out as well as attracting a different audience.

Key Ideas
Reaching a wider demographic by partnering with another festival
Venues + Festivals
Building Audiences