Advocacy agencies and professional information providers

In the Czech Republic there are no advocacy agencies dedicated solely to protecting the interests of circus or street artists in the fields of cultural policy, social security or health insurance. Nevertheless there are two organisations in Prague that include contemporary circus and street arts development in their activities.

The Arts and Theatre Institute

The Arts and Theatre Institute (ATI) is a state-funded organisation founded by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic. The mission of the Arts and Theatre Institute is to provide the Czech and international public with a comprehensive range of services in the field of theatre, and individual services connected to other branches of the arts (music, literature, dance and visual arts). The ATI collects objects and work relating to the theatre, processing and providing access to them; pursues research; initiates and participates in international projects; and publishes scholarly work. The ATI is also the headquarters of the Creative Europe Desk Czech Republic.

Cirqueon Center for contemporary circus

Apart from the many activities described above, Cirqueon’s main mission is to provide information about local and European activities in the circus feld: it collects and publishes data, and houses a documentary centre which gathers documents as well as professional information and academic papers available for different users such as students, researchers, teachers, artists, policy makers, etc.

Šárka Maršíková

— Director, Cirqueon

What do you see as the most important task of your organisation in the circus/street arts in your country?
"The challenges are many, as contemporary circus is still a new artistic field. In the Czech Republic, there are not many professional artists and companies, and we have to take care to expand the platform and create good quality projects that are competitive in Europe. To do this we will continue our in-progress projects – residences and tutoring for arts groups and individual artists, projects for the professionalisation of youth, training for coaches at an international level, and activities to open the door to more and more international cooperation. The big challenge for us is cooperation within the Central Europe micro-region."