Xavier Cloet

Director, CirQ
interviewed 18 July 2016 in Ghent —

CirQ are, by their own words, the 'crazy motherfuckers' — an identity that they find makes it easy to get press coverage and hard to get taken seriously. With a loyal following in their hometown of Ghent, they put on large-scale immersive/interactive spectacles — in 2016, BataHlan, a project that saw them work with refugees in the city. It's normal for CirQ initiatives to involve scores of volunteers — something which itself spreads the word and creates a ready-made audience. As CirQ director Xavier Cloet points out, BataHlan involved the work of 120 people, and if each of those know twenty more people living in Ghent, already you have the start of something...

Key Ideas
Going crazy to get press coverage
Marketing & social media