Cristina Garcia

Co-founder, Ponent Street
interviewed 11 September 2016 in Tarrega —

When three small Catalan street arts companies realised they were having trouble, as many companies do, juggling their artistic work and production duties, they decided to team up and form a small umbrella group which could centralise some of the workload of marketing and selling performances. In this way, Ponent Street was born. At this stage finances and invoicing are kept separate, but the group produce joint marketing materials, and offer a package deal of cheaper rates for presenters who book multiple companies (even though it's proven difficult to synchronise schedules well enough for this to happen in practice). In the end, they've found that while forming the union might not have reduced their workload – it may even have increased it – they've reaped the benefits of having a larger, shared network, and found it a relief to no longer be going it alone.

Key Ideas
Forming a collective of small companies
Cooperation & projects
Selling your work