Šárka Maršíková

Director, Cirqueon
interviewed 5 October 2016 in Prague —

Founded as an umbrella organisation supporting the development of contemporary circus in the Czech Republic, Cirqueon pursues a wide range of international projects and activities, organising masterclasses and residencies in its own multi-purpose space, and maintaining a library and documentation centre.

Key Ideas
The roots of audience expectations

When audiences have unrealistic expectations for a contemporary circus performance, traditional circus often gets the blame. But Šárka points out that it is also the pioneers, or the first generation of contemporary companies, who set the agenda. In the Czech Republic, while Cirk La Putyka have been very influential (establishing a style which even they can have difficulties leading audiences away from), the festival Letní Letná has also been a big deal — having reached huge audiences, for many years, it's caused them to associate circus with a particular style of large-scale work.

Venues + Festivals
Building Audiences
Circus and street arts
What it takes to market an unusual show - Capilotractées
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